Tuesday, 18 February 2014

The only publication of its kind: Behind the Lights, the Tote and the Non-starters

It is incredible to think that while controversy surrounding the treatment of greyhounds has rumbled on for decades, there is not a single book covering the subject… until now that is. From breeding legislation violations to the indiscriminate homing of greyhounds, the first and only publication of its kind - Behind the Lights, the Tote and the Non-starters - covers the primary welfare issues inherent in the British greyhound racing industry.

In parts controversial and based on many years painstaking research, it demolishes the propaganda perpetuated by industry officials but is written as an independent analysis to include also an objective look at the campaign opposing greyhound racing as well as the position adopted by a number of welfare bodies, namely the RSPCA, LACS, Greyhounds UK and the Dogs Trust.

A compelling read for anyone with an interest in greyhounds, their welfare and the racing industry.

Published by Grey UK
ISBN 978-0-9928394-0-6 
Distributed by Action for Greyhounds
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